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Forming your Supervisory Committee

Students should form their supervisory committees before the end of the fall term of their first year. Students should aim to hold their first supervisory committee meeting before the end of April in the winter term of their first year.

Supervisory Committee Meetings

Subsequent to the first year supervisory committee meeting, every student must hold a supervisory committee meeting once per year, at minimum. The deadline for these meetings is November. Each meeting is recorded via the Supervisory Committee Meeting Form. Complete all the relevant student sections and bring one copy of the form to your committee meeting. Your supervisor, in consultation with the rest of your committee, will complete the remaining sections. The completed and signed form is then submitted to Nancy Riddell.

Note that the Supervisory Committee Meeting Form will soon be completed online, through a portal provided by the School of Graduate Studies. We will update the link here when the online form is ready. Meanwhile, use this paper form:

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study provides a structure to plan required courses, comprehensive exam, and modules. It is worked out in consultation with your supervisory committe, and should be approved by your committee and the graduate chair.