Proposal for Independent Study Module Substitution

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Proposal for substitutions for PSYCH 713 or PSYCH 714: Special Topics in PNB I and II (1/4 courses; a.k.a. Independent Study Modules).

PNB PhD students are required to take two 1/4 independent study modules (PSYCH 713 and 714), which are typically about 6 weeks in duration and approximately 36 hours. Typically, students fulfill the requirements for modules by working in the lab of a supervisor other than their own, to gain breadth of research experience and learn new methods or techniques. These modules often lead to a publication and sometimes result in long-term collaborations. Substitutions may be made; for example, a student may find a short-term placement in industry or an intensive hands-on workshop that is especially relevant to their future career.

If you are interested in a module substitution, please submit a proposal to the Graduate Chair that includes the following 6 items:

1. Title of module and names of instructor(s) or supervisor(s): If the project is undertaken outside of the department then co-supervisors may be necessary. If the project is undertaken in an industrial setting then academic and industrial co-supervisors may be necessary.

2. Timeline of module: Provide an estimate of number of hours and how these will be allotted over time (dates). Note that a 1/4 course is typically completed over 6 weeks (approximately 36 hours). Provide an estimate of how at least 36 hours (minimum) will be achieved.

3. Format of module: Explain the format of your proposed work in terms of whether you will be conducting research, attending a workshop, engaging in new methods/techniques training, writing a review paper, etc. Be as explicit as possible about the type of activity and work that will be done.

4. Content of module: Provide a proposal for the content of the module in terms of how it will provide breadth or depth of knowledge related to your dissertation work, and how it differs from dissertation topic.

5. Evaluation of module: What is the method of evaluation and who will provide a grade? In the case of experiential work in industry, or participation in an intensive hands-on workshop, evaluation by an academic supervisor or co-supervisor is mandatory for academic quality assurance.

6. Outcome of module: A one-page (single spaced) report on the results/outcome is required at the termination of the module. You may submit a revised version of this proposal with the outcome as an additional section. You may also describe any deviations that occurred with estimations made in items 1 through 5; this will be helpful to the Graduate Chair and the Graduate Studies Committee (and your student peers) for modeling future module substitution requests.