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Our Department’s Social Life

The Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour department at McMaster is home to various receptions, seasonal parties, club functions, and sporting events, which help to generate some camaraderie and informality.

Throughout the academic year, psychology graduate students attend a series of colloquia given by distinguished guest speakers (typically Thursdays 2:30pm). Graduate student preferences mainly dictate the list of invitees, and interested graduate students (but not faculty) are invited to dine out with the guest speaker at departmental expense. (Faculty and indeed all interested people are welcome at receptions held before and/or after dinner.) The colloquium series is considered an important component (albeit an informal and unevaluated one) of graduate education, allowing students an opportunity to exchange ideas with leading researchers in their area of interest while also establishing social contacts that may be of importance to their postgraduate careers.

We also offer a weekly graduate seminar (Fridays 3pm) at which our graduate students present their research to the department. On Fridays, following the graduate seminar, we offer an informal get-together called Friday Social where students and faculty relax and socialize at the end of the week.


The PNB department Psy Jung softball team has been a tradition for as long as anyone can recall, fielding teams from the genuinely recreational to the humourlessly competitive. The team partakes in the Graduate Student Association (GSA) league each year and is team focused on fun and inclusivity, with no softball experience needed to join. All season games are played on the McMaster fields opposite Cootes Drive. The Phoenix Cup tournament is held on a weekend in late August each year, located off campus and offering a Phoenix BBQ for players. Team registration works on the premise that all PNB graduate students are welcome to join (all skill levels are welcome), all members of the previous years team are welcomed back, and we base the addition of newly joining significant others based on team numbers each season. Some general details are:

  • Co-ed, self-pitch league (3 females minimum on field)
  • ~20 games per season plus Phoenix Cup tournament
  • Games from May-August with 1-2 weekday evening/night games per week (only Phoenix Cup games are on a weekend)
  • ~$50-60 per player for the season pending team registration numbers
For any questions regarding Psychology Jung softball feel free to email Connie Imbault or Lucas Greville.


Soccer is a department tradition (beginning 2015): Students organize a soccer team for the summer Graduate Student Association (GSA) league! Everyone is welcome to join! The team is laid back and individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Some general details are:

  • Co-ed (3 female players minimum on the field)
  • 11 on 11, 90 min games
  • ~16 games from May to August (all games are played at McMaster)
  • The weekly schedule varies but games can take place on Saturdays during the day (except long weekends) and on Tues or Wed evenings. Typically we have one game per week.
  • ~$80-100 for the entire season (depending on the number of players who register)
If you are interested in soccer in the spring 2018, or if you have any questions, please email David Filice.
To help with the recruitment process please also let David know:
  • Expected games attendance (be honest please! It doesn't matter if you can only play 3 for example as long as I know so I can recruit accordingly): __/16 games
  • Do you want be the goalkeeper? Yes / No but I could play as a goalie from time to time if needed / No
  • Lastly, if you know anyone who would be interested outside of the department, please let them know, as anyone can play!

Other Events

Graduate students also organize other sporting events such as volleyball, and ice-hockey (for non-skaters), and in the past there have been squash and racquetball challenges. You don't have to be talented to participate and have fun. Maybe you would like to organize something yourself!