Orientation Guide for Incoming Grads

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As an incoming student, you will have received several emails from the School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Student Association, and from PNB to welcome you to McMaster University and to provide help with arrival in Hamilton. Some of those links to websites and documents are copied here:

Graduate Student Welcome Activities
Register for Graduate Student Welcome events (Aug 28-Sept 8). Choose from one of three welcome breakfasts exclusively for incoming grad students, bike tour, TA workshops, LGBTQ+ welcome, a resource fair, and more! Watch your email for links to ‘new student-only’ events.
Notes for Successful Applicants
Provides First Steps: How to activate your McMaster email, funding, enrolment, and more.
Getting the Supervisory Relationship Off to a Good Start
This is a supervisory relationship tool – a template to address expectations for Graduate Students and their Supervisors. You can also check out the Graduate Work Supervision Guidelines for faculty and students.
Payment Information Package for Full Time Graduate Students
This is important Financial Information (how to get paid, how to pay your tuition, deadlines and schedules).
This document includes screen shots to help you navigate Mosaic. Mosaic is McMaster's PeopleSoft-based administrative information system. It currently handles multiple functions, including student administration, finance, research administration, and human resources.
School of Graduate Studies web site
Student records and enrolment, scholarship, Grad Student Life, registrar and all policies governing graduate degrees.
2018-2019 Graduate Calendar
Amazing what you can find in the Graduate Calendar.
Grad Student Association (GSA)
Learn about your elected GSA representatives, the Phoenix Bar & Grill, softball and soccer leagues, and grad student clubs, events, and more.
International Students
Lots of information, links, and events for international students, provided for the more than 1,300 PhD and Masters students from around the world who are studying at McMaster.
SGS Graduate Student Life
Here you can find tips about finding housing, finding your way around Hamilton, budgeting, family life for graduate student parents, writing help, etc.
Graduate Writing Module (video)
This module provides an introduction to graduate level writing. The SGS pages provide information about other grad writing supports.
Teaching Assistantships
Learn about CUPE 3906 for TAs, including the collective agreement and benefits for Unit 1 members. This handbook also has plenty of information about Teaching Assistantships.

Look for other email messages sent to you in July or August for 2018-2019 incoming students. Search your mail for "Welcome from McMaster School of Graduate Students <newgrad@mcmaster.ca>" and for "McMaster SGS News and Events <gsevent@mcmaster.ca>".

Many of the items conveyed in the Welcome emails are included in this PNB Graduate Handbook.