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* [[Completing your Degree]]
* [[Completing your Degree]]
* [[PNB Graduate Travel]]
* [[PNB Graduate Travel Support]]
* [[Leaves of Absence]]
* [[Leaves of Absence]]

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Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) Graduate Program HANDBOOK (it's going to be good!)

This Wiki version of the PNB Graduate Handbook was started in April 2018, with a small group of editors. We will be adding lots of information over the next few weeks. If you would like to join our editing group, please contact the Associate Chair (Graduate), Dr. Judith M Shedden.

PNB Graduate Handbook LOGO competition: It's a small thing, but this Wiki needs a logo. Do you have artistic talents? Are you interested in submitting an entry to our logo competition? The logo should be something that represents the research by graduate students in PNB. My first attempt is the human brain you see in the top left corner - but that is rather predictable, right? Do you have a better idea, or a better interpretation of a stylistic brain? It is challenging because the logo is expected to be 135 x 135 pixels, simple, eye-catching, and representative of PNB.

Prospective Graduate Students

Incoming Students

Current Graduate Students

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) maintains a page where you can find various forms and guides. These forms, and the links to them, tend to change occasionally. We'll provide links directly to some of the forms in various places in the handbook; if you find a broken link, look for the form directly on the SGS resources page.

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