Living in Hamilton

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We have lots more information to add here! Send us information and links if you have ideas about showcasing Hamilton for newcomers.

Finding Housing

There are several resources for locating housing online. Here is the link to

If it is an option, it is suggested that you visit Hamilton to look at areas that you would like to live in. Your best resource for housing options will often be talking to current graduate students.


Hamilton has an extensive public transit network. It is also very easy to travel to Toronto and surrounding cities via public transit. When you pay your student fees, you will receive a 12-month bus pass for the Hamilton Street Rail bus network (HSR).

Hamilton has a great bike share program called SoBi (Social Bicycles), with bike stations located on campus and throughout Hamilton neighbourhoods:

Add information about:

neighbourhoods, advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Westdale
  • Downtown
  • Strathcona/Kirkendale
  • Emerson/Ansile Woods
  • Dundas
  • living in Toronto (how to, disadvantages to commuting)

Grocery stores

parking on campus


Bars, restaurants, cafes,

Festivals in Hamilton