Leaves of Absence

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Leaves of Absence (and other special petitions)

For detailed information about taking a leave of absence, students should read section 2.5.7 in the Graduate Calendar.

  • The graduate calendar is updated each year, so the direct link above might take you to last year's calendar, if we have not managed to update this page in time. To find the current year's graduate calendar, go to the Registrar's Office calendar page and select the current year's calendar from the drop-down box in the upper right corner. Be sure to select the Graduate (not the Undergraduate) Calendar!

The following flowchart may help to understand the timelines and constraints for different types of leaves of absence:

The Petition form to request the leave can be found on the SGS Resources page (this is the same form that is used for other kinds of requests from SGS):

  • SGS Resources - click on the “Student Forms & Guides” tab and look for the form “PETITIONS FOR SPECIAL CONSIDERATION TO THE COMMITTEE ON GRADUATE ADMISSIONS AND STUDY”