Courses required in very first term

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Explore the program requirements for courses here: Course Requirements.

There are a few other courses and training sessions that must be completed when you arrive:

Health and Safety Training required in first term

All McMaster students are required to take Health and Safety Training through EOHSS (health and safety training, ethics training, biosafety training, ...). Instructions can be found on the Working at McMaster pages for Health and Safety Training for McMaster Students. You can also access this handy brochure: Your Guide To Health and Safety Training.

SGS 101 and SGS 201 required in first term

Note that these courses must be completed before the end of September.

SGS 101 and SGS 201 are no-fee courses that need to be added to your student record in your very first term, at the time of registration, the same way you would add any other course. When you search for courses, look under the “S” tab, choose School of Graduate Studies, and select 101 and 201. SGS 101 will be available in Avenue to Learn under your Course list. SGS 201 can be completed online here. These no-fee courses should be completed as soon as possible as registration in subsequent terms and graduation will be delayed if these courses are not completed.

  • SGS 101 – Academic Research Integrity and Ethics (1.5 units; accessed on Avenue to Learn)
This course will introduce incoming graduate students to the standards of academic integrity expected at McMaster andclarify the responsibility and expectations of graduate students with respect to academic integrity. It will provide examples of acceptable and unacceptable practices and will . Students will be exposed to the Academic Integrity Policy of McMaster and best practices will be described that will minimize the likelihood of incorrectly attributed work from appearing in their assignments and research records. A passing grade in SGS 101 is required before students can register for courses in subsequent terms.
  • SGS 201 – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) (1.5 units; once registered, complete online here)
All graduate students are required to complete training on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), which can be [ completed online]. Having an understanding of how we can identify and reduce attitudinal, structural, information, technological, and systemic barriers to persons with disabilities is core to McMaster University’s commitment to supporting an inclusive community in which all persons are treated with dignity and equality. Completion of AODA training is critical as McMaster’s graduates move forward in their varied, chosen professions. This training is required before students can register for courses in subsequent terms.

Other courses required in the first year

  • PSYCH 710 - Statistics and Research Design (fall term)
  • PSYCH 720 - Contemporary Problems in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (fall and winter terms)
  • PSYCH 751 - Scientific and Professional Ethics in Clinical Psychology (RCT Stream students only; usually offered winter term)
Visit Course Requirements for details about these and other course requirements.

SGS 700 is a placeholder course

Students must be registered in each of the three terms of every year (fall, winter, and spring/summer). If you are not taking any courses in a particular term, register for SGS 700, which is a placeholder course.

More Information about Course Requirements