Completing your Degree

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Permission to Write

Once students have completed all course work, passed their comprehensive exams (in the case of PhD thesis), and collected all their thesis data, with approval of their supervisory committee they may be awarded permission to write. This is not a necessary requirement of the program, but provides the student with a formal document of approval from the committee that no additional data are needed to write the dissertation.

Planning your Defense

The School of Graduate Studies website provides a guide to completing your degree (instructions for Masters and PhD). For example, you will find details such as the timeline for scheduling your thesis submission and defense, and the appropriate formatting required to successfully submit your thesis for upload by McMaster University Libraries to MacSPHERE. MacSPHERE allows your work to be available internationally and offers you statistics on how often your thesis is accessed.

The School of Graduate Studies also offers a link to Lehmann Bindery where you can submit an electronic copy, should you wish hard copies to be bound for your own use.