Career Planning

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Preparing for a career in Academia or Industry

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  • Insight: A program called Insight is coming to Toronto. The program is a 7-week long fellowship for individuals with PhDs. It includes training in data science methods, but also includes training on the interview process and finding a job.
  • is an online platform that generates buzz around Canadian research and inspires young researchers to pursue careers in science.
  • Lynda: Improve your skills with free access to the online learning platform, which is available campus-wide. The Daily News article provides a summary. is a leading self-service, online learning platform that offers an extensive library of 5000 video tutorials covering software, business, creative and technology topics.

Student Success Centre

Career services are available through the student success center for Alumni. Once you have finished your graduate work you can access their help for a variety of tasks including resume building, job shadowing, networking and more. If you completed an undergraduate program at McMaster University you may access their services at any time, as you qualify as an alumnus for the purposes of the center.

They are located on the 2nd floor of Gilmour Hall, and can be reached at 905-525-9140 ext.24254

PNB Alumni

Dr. Maria D'Angelo is a former graduate student in our program, now working as a Data Scientist at Zero Gravity Labs. Listen to Maria talk about her work.